zondag 12 oktober 2008

return exchange

I also send Carol her return gift for the exchange she send me .

I thought she would like this.

The spiderlegs are magnets so it can stick on the refrigerator, but can also work as a needleholder.

Hope you like it.

3 opmerkingen:

Ruth zei

Lovely and spooky pacakge :) Congrats.

Crazee4books zei

Hi Pascale,

Just wanted to let you know how
much I loved the exchange piece
that you made for Carol, and how
much I admire your finishing
skills. You do amazing work.

I was wondering if you could tell
me the name of the designer and
the name of the chart that you
stitched for her please. I have
seen this design stitched up before
and have always loved it but keep
forgetting to write the info down
so that I can order it for my own
stash collection.

Thanks very much. Cheers!

pascale zei

The design off the needlebook
acorns and owls.

you find it on the site