dinsdag 30 september 2008

more music from REWIND


Jeroen,Robin,Chloë and Mathias
They got there first gig and everything went very well.

So here on youtube you can see and hear them.

scissorfob exchange borduurpaleis

This is what I got from Irene de Rooy,

a sunny fob to make the bad weather days a bit nicer

LHN exchange from borduurhoekje

This is what I made for Iris,

LHN exchange.

went to the hobbybeurs

I coulden't resist.

Thursday i went to the hobbybeurs in Mechelen this is what I brought home.

maandag 29 september 2008

to the post office

Today I went to the post office, and 3 packages left my home.
So get ready....


vrijdag 26 september 2008

my son Jeroen and his group REWIND

Look here on "youtube. "
The one with the grey guitar and shorts is my son.
This weekend they have there first gig.
the members are
- Matthias: Electric guitar
- Robin: Drums
- Chloë: Singer
- Jeroen: Bass guitar


zaterdag 20 september 2008

gift from Carol

Yes it is already xmass...

I also recieved a gift from Carol

A floss ring tag with bats on it, it's a Helga Mandl design on a 28 ct pumice lugano.

the pins and the ribbon are very nice but the buttons I love them.

Thank you Carol.

gift from Janaina

Hey everyone

This is the return gift off Janaina, she made me a beautiful handtowel , a magazine and

some fabric and tags for thread and also some candy.

Thank you Janaina. I love it all.!!!!