maandag 13 oktober 2008

Miss witchy in progress

A nice little quilt for halloween.

art to heart design.

I just love it.

wooden spool designs

This is a wooden spool design, made out of felt.

Easy and quick.

zondag 12 oktober 2008

return exchange

I also send Carol her return gift for the exchange she send me .

I thought she would like this.

The spiderlegs are magnets so it can stick on the refrigerator, but can also work as a needleholder.

Hope you like it.

Autumn exchange

It arrived so now I can show it.

This is what I made for Carol .

donderdag 9 oktober 2008

autumn exchange

Autumn exchange

This is what I got from Carol.

She made me a very merry Autumn pinkeep.

It's a JBW design on a 32ct vintage country mocha belfast linnen with GAST floss.

I love it.

and also the other things a autumn harvest kit from Mill Hill ,a bookmark kit from DMC ,a pattern from heart in hand,some hand dyed floss and fabric from Debbi Mumm and a beautifull

card from Mary Engelbreit.

Thank you so much Carol.I love it all.

scissorfob exchange

This is what i made for Ingrid, she is a devil do it all.

LHN exchange

This is what I got from Willeke.

It's great.


Autumn Herfst

The season of fallen leaves and warm cozy colors.