vrijdag 28 november 2008

How to make a key house part 3

This is a small one for one key
you have to make a bigger house for several keys.

How to make a key house part 2

make a hole in the roof.

How to make a key house part 1

This patern 4 x a rectangle and a roof
1 small strip 20 cm lang
2 x a star
1 door

A roof

donderdag 20 november 2008


On our dutch group ( borduurhoekje) we all have to make a wish.
I wish a thimble, and yes Saskia made my wish come true.
And also Chantal , she was so nice to give my some patterns of EMS little devils.
thank you very much, I love it all.


Lanarte and Coraline is the designer.


Here he is.

Ready in one hour.


The witches off Nieuwerkerken.

this one is a gift
one for me

one for my mom.


It's very busy here in the house, we are renovating our kitchen and badroom.
And that's not all, I have a back injury.
That means ,I can barely walk, can't till anything and also can't sit very long on a chair.
Me the busy bee must rest !
This is mission impossible.

So now and than we make something, togheter with my mom.
Here are the witches off Nieuwerkerken (the village we live in)

dinsdag 4 november 2008

halloween - Autumn exchange

This is what I recieved from Iris, I love it.
thank you .

halloween - Autumn exchange

This is what I made for Anita M ,yes indeed my mom.

scissorfob exchange CSL

I made this for Joke S

Miss witchy

Here she is ready and on my wall.